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Consulting Services

Whether responding to an information security incident, developing compliant policies or assisting in the development of a security strategy, Sage and SMP offers a variety of security experience in preventive, detective, and corrective services.

Incident Response – helping organizations develop incident response plans, provides experts to minimize damages, preserve evidence and investigate root causes of a computer incident.

Forensics – with investigative protocol derived from stringent law enforcement standards, we work with an organization to achieve the proper retrieval of evidence and perform analysis of data to be used as evidence in a court of law.

Security Advisory Program – the dedicated “Security Advisory Team” offers an on-call resource to field questions and propose solutions related to technologies, network topology best practices, and regulatory compliance issues.

Security Policy Creation – customize security policies that are relevant to an organization, are compliant with regulatory requirements, and address the business objectives of the organization while operating within its cultural boundaries.

DR/BCP Development and Assessment – evaluate the existing plan’s ability to prepare and respond to disasters, accidents, and tragedies and return to operations as normal with minimum downtime or develop a plan if none exists.