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Digital Forensic Services

The need to protect customer and company data grows increasingly important. Maintaining reputation and avoiding costly legal battles are just two critical concerns. Today, organizations must not only identify and stop improper use of information and systems, they are often challenged to investigate further to obtain digital evidence. Such investigations demand specialized skills that often exceed in-house expertise. Providing the forensic expertise necessary to appropriately collect and examine key electronic evidence.

An employee leaves your company to work for a competitor. Did he copy important files? Was company e-mail used to recruit him? Our network can investigate.

Someone has been surfing inappropriate websites in direct violation of company policy. Help obtain evidence to support disciplinary action.

Customers’ personal information has been leaked. Is this the work of an employee? Sage and SMP can find out how it was done and maintain chain of custody for prosecution purposes.

Forensic Consultants apply disciplined investigative techniques to identify the source, contain it, and gather the related evidence. Forensic Services will help you react quickly and effectively in an orderly, consistent manner.

Forensic services include the identification, acquisition and subsequent examination of key pieces of electronic data. Our investigators proceed in a manner which assures you and your legal team access to evidence which will withstand the challenges in any legal proceeding as it pertains to the methodology involved in its preservation, collection, analysis, and presentation.

Real Information Security from the Independent Experts

Your information matters. Make sure you have real security—from the independent experts. Both Sage Data Security and Security Management Partners help you master today’s complex and changing information security environments through an independent and in-depth risk management consulting approach that goes far beyond the offerings of product vendors, CPA firms, general consultants, or point security solutions. We provide concrete recommendations to help you achieve—and maintain—the right level of security as your organization evolves. It's real information security from the independent experts.