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Outside Plant

Our outside plant group supports our hospitality, healthcare, and education based clients requiring a communication backbone system to supply voice, data, video, and security services on a contiguous property, or multiple buildings within a local jurisdiction, or multiple remote sites located in different cities, and states.

The areas of expertise and services offered include engineering studies, needs assessments, facility surveys, and infrastructure inventory.

Excelling in campus infrastructure design and construction to address voice, video, CATV, CCTV, RF Identification, and Wi-Fi transmission needs via copper, fiber optic cable, and coaxial cable.

Inside Cable Plant

Diverse Networks LLC., with our partners, will provide the initial design and turnkey implementation of communication systems solutions for hospitality, healthcare, education, and municipal applications. As your partner in the design, implementation, and installation of the infrastructure, we provide professional expertise, and formidable experience with high-speed optics, and a multiplicity of cabling solutions including fiber, CAT 5E, CAT 6/6A and CAT 7. We also provide conduit, interdict, cable management, cable ladders and trays, hubs, routers, PoE chassis, layer 1/2/3 switches and servers.

Our recommended partners are Hubbell Mission Critical certified and fully trained in design, engineering, installation, termination, and the certification of cabling solutions

Voice and DATA cabling

No Job is too big or small when it comes to cabling. Whether you simply need some wiring done for your Phone System or for your Network? Our partners can provide everything from simple Category 3 Voice Cabling to Advanced DATA Network Cabling (Category 5e 350 MHz & Category 6 GHz) required for today’s POE and Layer III GHz Switches. All of the cabling used is Plenum Rated for today’s Code Requirements.